In early October, a meeting with potential and existing partners took place in the hotel chain Nevsky Bereg.


October 4, 2018 in the hotel "Nevsky Bereg" held an event for our partners. The official part included a story about the history of the hotel and a presentation of the conditions, scope and features of the services offered by the Nevsky Bereg hotels, as well as a sightseeing tour of two hotel buildings where our present and future partners had the opportunity to relate the information received in the presentation hall to by reality. In the second, unofficial part of the event, the participants were able to discuss their questions and exchange contacts in a relaxed atmosphere. The entertaining part of our meeting consisted of songs, contests, prize draws, the creation of a vivid picture of the overall picture that remained in our memory. Two prizes (dinner for 6 people and a romantic dinner for two) fell into one hand in a happy way. There was also a grilled evening in the grill house on the roof of the hotel. Guests were accompanied by gifts with the Nevsky Bereg brand. We invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to cooperate.

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